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Antibiotic Guardian Student Champion 2016 (#AGCStudents) – Shortlisted Students

In 2016, health students and pre-registration professionals were invited to earn Antibiotic Guardian champion badges by completing a number of AMR related tasks and writing a short summary of their activities.


The submitted entries from 21 health students and pre-registration professionals (#AGCStudents) who led Antibiotic Awareness campaigns during 2016 are available to view here.


The following students have been shortlisted after receiving average high scores (at least 38 out of 50) from a panel of five judges :

  • Holly Anne Hills, Veterinary Medicine, University of Nottingham

  • Clarissa Hemmingsen – Medical Student, University of Manchester

  • Michelle Hii – Pharmacy Student, Kings College London

  • Conor Talbot – Biomedical Sciences Student, Aston University

  • Hannah Bloor – Preregistration Pharmacist, University of Manchester

  • Jessica Bland – Pharmacy Student, Durham University

  • LongYip – Pharmacy Student, Kings College London

  • Violet-Quinn – Pharmacy Student, Durham University

The winner will be announced at the first national AMR Student conference on 18 November 2017 in London 

Click here to register for the AMR student conference



The panel of judges included:

  • Wendy Nicholson – National Lead Nurse – Children, young people & Families & Deputy Head of World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Public Health Nursing and Midwifery; Public Health England

  • Penny Greenwood – Associate Lead Nurse- Children and Yong People and Families; Public Health England

  • Rabia Ahmed – Programme Director OSPAP; Teaching Fellow; Pharmacy Practice (Aston University)

  • Dr K Miraz Rahman Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry; Kings College London

  • Graeme Hood – CPhO Clinical Fellow; Public Health England


Judging criteria:

  • Originality: have they done anything new, have they created any new resources or gone beyond what materials PHE offered (10 points)
  • Engagement: do they have measurable engagement, have they taken steps to further engage with the public/staff (10 points)
  • Success: was this project successful (10 points)
  • Impact: from the examples, do you think these were effective techniques (10 points)
  • Future Development: what is the feasibility of developing this further in the future (10 points)