Your support for European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) since 2008, World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) since 2015 and the four years of the Antibiotic Guardian campaign has made these initiatives successful.

For World Antibiotic Awareness Week and European Antibiotic Awareness Day, colleagues in organisations or their representatives are invited to register activities carried out during or around EAAD/WAAW.

As with previous years, there are centrally hosted educational materials that can be used locally, and are freely available online in printer friendly formats.

The EAAD/AG resources are available freely here.
The Keep Antibiotics Working resources are available freely here

Please share pictures from your local activities in support of Antibiotic Guardian or EAAD with so we may include as part of the annual evaluation.

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    Between September and November, our organisation will champion/plan key promotional activities for European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) and World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) within our local area and to members of our organisation using one or more of the suggested strategies, or our own plan. Select which of the suggested strategies in table 1 your organisation plan to use as part of EAAD/WAAWOther AMR activities/actions planned – please share in form below

    What strategy/ies will your organisation use as part of local campaigns for WAAW/EAAD:*

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    Display and share Antibiotic Guardian materials throughout the winter cold and flu season


    Display and share Keep Antibiotics Working campaign materials


    Display and share Keep Antibiotics Working campaign materials during World Antibiotic Awareness Week


    Promote AG messages via organisation social media channels i.e.twitter and Facebook


    Share the new online AG antibiotics quiz to establish a benchmark knowledge measure across the UK:


    Actively encourage all staff/members to share information and answer the AG call to action to choose a pledge and become an Antibiotic Guardian


    Use the organisation website to share information/AG call to action externally


    Publish a press release incorporating the AG campaign/call to action


    Organise an antimicrobial resistance related event (eg conference, workshop)


    Develop, launch or present your local action plan on antimicrobial resistance/stewardship


    In support of the EAAD/WAAW, our organisation will share another organisations/country’s AMR messages to demonstrate wider/global efforts to reduce AMR


    View and share our local antimicrobial resistance Indicators data e.g. on Escherichia coli bacteraemia, Infection Prevention and Control, Antimicrobial Stewardship, AMR, Healthcare Associated Infections. This is available in

    • England via PHE Fingertips site (

    • Scotland (annual reports) via

    • Wales via

    • Northern Ireland via


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    For Health and Social Care Organisations in Northern Ireland, which Local Commissioning Group or Trust area is our organisation based in?*

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    Do you know if one or more senior leaders /executives (e.g exec/non-exec directors, chief pharmacists, heads of medicines management, director of nursing, medical director) in your organisation chosen their personal Antibiotic Guardian pledge

    If yes, to above, please state the job title(s) of the execs/senior leaders that have chosen their individual Antibiotic Guardian pledge

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    Please use this space to share details of other activities that you have planned and are not listed in table 1. Or to provide additional comments/feedback

    If your organisation (England only) will carry out a local awareness campaign and you/other member of staff can regularly wear the Antibiotic Guardian lanyard or badge, please provide the postal address to send these to.

    Thank you for registering and sharing your planned activity for EAAD/WAAW. You will receive the organisational Antibiotic Guardian certificate and web banner shortly in an email. If you do not receive please check your promotional/spam inbox or search for ( Please feel free to share this link with colleagues in other organisations.

    You can also access free resources to help support your activities in your locality. Click below to access:
    EAAD/WAAW/AG resources/toolkits for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
    Keep Antibiotics Working campaign toolkit for England
    Please share pictures from your local activities in support of Antibiotic Guardian or EAAD/WAAW with These may be included as part of our annual evaluation.



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