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The Antibiotic Guardian Programme (AG) is part of Public Health England’s (PHE) Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) strategic programme

Antibiotic Guardian encourages healthcare professionals and engaged members of the public to choose one of a number of pledges to help personal and organisational commitment to preserve antibiotics at

In September 2017, a new visual identity was created for the Antibiotic Guardian programme aligning it with other AMR activities from PHE under the Keep Antibiotics Working brand. This guide outlines the visual assets, fonts and colour palette that form the new look and feel.

For those based outside of UK who wish to use this brand please email







Website update in 2023


Updates to Antibiotic Guardian website:

01 October 2015: contains updates from the VMD
01 October 2015: added UK and International Organisation Pledges
01 October 2016: Antibiotic Guardian Main page text updated
October 2016: Russian AG page
November 2016: French and Dutch AG pages
July 2017: Turkish Antibiotic Guardian page
November 2017: New branding for Antibiotic Guardian implemented
March 2018: South Africa page