Pharmacy campaign to Keep Antibiotics Working

A short webinar about the community pharmacy campaign to Keep Antibiotics Working

A short questionnaire to complete after the webinar to receive your CPD certificate

About the project

Public Health England (PHE) and Gloucestershire LPC are working together to develop an educational pharmacy campaign to Keep Antibiotics Working. We are offering pharmacies in Gloucestershire the opportunity to take part in this exciting research project and give us honest feedback so we can tailor the programme to best suit pharmacy teams and patients. This is a fantastic opportunity to help us to help you and develop something that really helps patients, and that can work in the pharmacy environment. This project will help provide evidence to help support pharmacists’ role in delivering the objectives within the NHS long term plan, to support integrated care alongside GP colleagues, and help fight antimicrobial resistance.


What do I need to do?

  1. Watch the webinar.
  2. Complete the post-webinar questionnaire. Once >70% of pharmacy staff have watched the webinar and completed the post-webinar questionnaire, you will be provided with ‘I am an Antibiotic Guardian’ badges.
  3. Trial the Antibiotic Checklist and other tools in your pharmacy for five weeks (11th Feb-15th March 2019). Pharmacies that use the Antibiotic Checklist in >70% of antibiotics dispensed will be recognised on the Antibiotic Guardian website.
  4. Complete a follow-up questionnaire after the five weeks about your experience of using the tools. Once >70% of pharmacy staff have completed the follow-up questionnaire, your pharmacy will be presented with a ‘We are an Antibiotic Guardian Pharmacy’ window sticker to recognise your commitment to Keep Antibiotics Working


Click here to access version 1 of the Antibiotic Checklist which was piloted in 12 pharmacies (Figure 1 below)

Figure 1: Antibiotic Checklist version 1 – Hand-in and Hand-out stages. Click link above to access pdf of the checklist



How do I access antibiotic prescribing data for the GP practices near me?

Check PHE Fingertips to look up the antibiotic prescribing rates for the GP practices you dispense for.


Where can I access further materials and advice about how to Keep Antibiotics Working?

For further information and tools that can each be used to support responsible antibiotic use, visit:


For more information about how to Keep Antibiotics Working and to pledge to become an Antibiotic Guardian, visit:

Who do I contact in the event of queries?

If you have any queries, please contact


We thank everyone involved in the project, including: Cliodna McNulty, Rosie Allison, Diane Ashiru-Ordeope, Philip Howard, Tracey Thornley, Sara Chapman, Katy Mawhood, Sue Walker.

We also thank Gloucestershire Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC); Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); the community pharmacy teams in Gloucestershire; and everyone that reviewed and were consulted, for your advice and support.

This project has been funded by a HEE AMR Innovation Training Fund.