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NHS I & PHE Antibiotic Consumption & Stewardship Data Training Workshop

The Antibiotic Consumption & Stewardship Data Training Workshop

Took place on 6th February 2019. This was the first data training workshop of its kind which took place for the Kent & Medway and Sussex & East Surrey areas. The overall learning outcome for the workshop was to develop skills in gathering, analysing and interpreting antibiotic prescribing data. The workshop was developed by NHS Improvement and Public Health England in response to gaps in stewardship and prescribing metrics highlighted by the Kent & Medway Pilot Leadership review. 17 pharmacists attended. The numbers were kept low due to the practical nature of the workshop

Delegates were introduced to the following data platforms in the workshop:

  • The Hospital Model
  • PHE Fingertips
  • Rx-Info and Define and Refine
  • PrescQIPP
  • ePACT2

In addition to practical exercises using these platforms, there was also a focus on visualising data for reports and utilisation of the data for quality improvement.