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Expression of Interest – Antibiotic Schools Ambassador (pilot)

World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) is an international public health awareness week held in November each year.

For 2019 WAAW which will be 18-22 November 2019, Public Health England (PHE) and Royal Pharmaceutical Society are encouraging healthcare professionals (HCP) such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health protection teams., to volunteer in schools/communities to pilot a new scheme called Antibiotic Guardian Schools’ Ambassadors to educate young people on important public health topics; microbes, hygiene, infection prevention and antibiotics.

Why is this important?

Antimicrobial resistance remains of the key problems within community and hospital settings within Europe. In many European countries, antibiotic prescription rates are highest in children.

Improved hygiene in schools/communities reduces the transmission of infection, reduces illness in young people and their parents and resulting absenteeism. Antimicrobial resistance is a major threat to public health and it is essential to educate our future generation of antibiotic users and prescribers about this issue. HCPs will make use the freely available and evidence-based Public Health England resources, e-Bug, Keep Antibiotics Working and Antibiotic Guardian, to educate young people.

How will this benefit your local school/community?

  • Improve hygiene and subsequent illness in schools/communities
  • Use evidence-based resources linked to the English National Curriculum
  • Receive expert advice and experience on public health topics
  • Understand the roles of Healthcare Professionals in tackling antimicrobial resistance
  • Support application for Healthy Schools status

What can you do as an Antibiotic Ambassador?

  1. Deliver an education session to one class or a session during assembly at your local primary or secondary school.
  2. Deliver a short activity or a whole education session to children in your local community.
  3. Encourage your local school to include a newsletter item on antibiotic resistance during WAAW

Easy to use resources are available

Next Steps

  • Register your interest to help pilot the Antibiotic Guardian Schools’ Ambassadors scheme
  • Contact a school(s) as soon as possible to arrange a date/time (template email available)
  • Ask the school(s) to register as participating organisation
  • Attend a webinar on Wednesday to learn how to deliver your session

Please contact Dr Diane Ashiru-Oredope at if you have any questions.

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