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Antibiotic Resistance and You! For Members of the Public | Free to attend

Public Health England is reaching out to the nation to tell them about antibiotic resistance.  This free to attend event will tell you and your family:

  • About antibiotics and why they are so valuable
  • What is antibiotic resistance and how it affects you and your family
  • What we can all do – you, politicians, doctors, pharmacists, etc., – to help solve the crisis of antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance affects us all – this is your opportunity to learn more and be part of the solution!  You will hear from individuals whose lives and quality of life have depended on antibiotics.  You will also hear from others who have suffered from drug resistant infections and the problems they had to overcome because of antibiotic resistance.

There is an audience and panel discussion during the meeting and Public Health England wants the public to contribute and give their views.

The event will be held from 1800-2000hrs, with registration and refreshments from 1751hrs.

RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW!  Take your opportunity to learn more and help protect you and your family from the effects of antibiotic resistance, now and in the future.

Click here to download Antibiotic-Resistance-and-You_London-Final-Programme

Antibiotic resistance and you!

Wednesday 24 February 2016, John Hanbury Lecture Theatre, University College London School of Pharmacy, 29-39 Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AX



1715    Registration and refreshments


1800    Welcome and overview
Why are we here? What do we want to achieve?
Anthony Kessel, Director of Public Health Strategy, Public Health England

1810    All about antibiotics – how they have changed our world
Nicholas Brown, Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Addenbrooke’s’ Hospital, Cambridge


1820    Thank you antibiotics!

            A short film showing why antibiotics are valuable

1825    Let’s talk antibiotic resistance
What is antibiotic resistance? | Where does it come from? | What effect does it have it? | How has it reduced our ability to treat infections? | Why do we need to tackle the problem of resistance?  What does it mean for you?
Alan Johnson, Head of Department of HCAI & AMR National Infection Service, Public Health England


1840    The effects antibiotic resistance can have on people
A short film based on real-life experiences showing the hardship and difficulties antibiotic resistance can cause.

1900    Audience and panel discussion:  Our role in
Each one of us is essential in helping to use antibiotics effectively and reduce antibiotic resistance – we all have a part to play!  Our expert panel will describe their roles in solving the antibiotic resistance crisis and will answer your questions:

  • Chair of the panel: Anthony Kessel, Public Health England, London

  • Policy Diane Ashiru-Oredope, Public Health England, London

  • Members of the public Francoise Husson, London

  • General Practitioner Peter Smith, Kingston

  • Consultant Microbiologist Nicholas Brown, Cambridge

  • Researcher Esmita Charani, London

  • Science Communicator Victoria Wells, Birmingham

  • Hospital Pharmacist Basola Sowemimo, Richmond

  • Community Pharmacist Reena Barai, Sutton

1945    Working together – becoming effective Antibiotic Guardians
Find out how you can help

Diane Ashiru-Oredope, Public Health England, London

1955    Thank you and closing remarks

Delivered by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy on behalf of Public Health England