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Antibiotic Guardian Schools Ambassadors: registration and feedback

Antibiotic Guardian Schools' Ambassadors; registration and feedback

Public health, healthcare professionals, vets, vet nurses and scientists are invited to connect with local schools and community groups in order to provide a teaching session or promote a toolkit of lesson planning resources and a newsletter item on important public health topics; microbes, hygiene, infection prevention and antibiotics – this will be achieved through the Antibiotic Guardian Schools Ambassadors programme, which is now in its fifth year.

Ambassadors are encouraged to provide a teaching session between November and February depending theirs and school’s availability (WAAW would be ideal but not compulsory). A toolkit of lesson-planning resources is available. There are other ways that Ambassadors can be involved however, if they are constrained for time or would prefer not to visit schools. Ambassadors can share the toolkit with schools for them to provide a session during WAAW, Ambassadors can also promote an article focussed on antimicrobial stewardship, infection prevention and hygiene for schools to include in their newsletters, Ambassadors may also be interested in recording a short ‘Why tackling antimicrobial resistance is important to me’ video, to be used during a lesson, in order to share their unique perspectives. The toolkit and newsletter item resources will be provided automatically to those that register to become an AG Schools Ambassador

The registration and feedback forms are below. Please encourage your school/community group to register and provide feedback on participating using this link


Registration form


Feedback form